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  • Le Couvent Des Minimes Lip Balm Mint by L’occitane (15ml)

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    • 🌸Divine Perfume’s mission is to provide every human being with the best in quality and original fragrances & aftershaves.
    • 🌸From the House of Nina Ricci, we provide you with the highest quality fragrance, cologne, and aftershave available.
    • 🌸Fragrance in Words Lip Balm, 15 ml, Mint, Le Couvent Des Minimes Smile Lip Balm is made with an original recipe that combines softening Mallow Flower Extract with Apricot Oil for a truly indulgent lip balm. A Soft, Non-Sticky Finish Fills the Senses with Sweet Mint Delight Notes.
    • 🌸Product comes in a Contour pack of 15ml of quantity.