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  • Carat Solid Gold Cuticle Eraser by Sally Hansen (6.8ml)

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    • 🌸Fragrance in Words
      Cuticles are hydrated and softened. The exfoliating gel, which has a pleasant floral scent, feels like runny toothpaste between your fingers. Don’t let the name mislead you: this gritty gel won’t make your cuticles vanish. Even the best-kept nail beds will have persistent flaking, dryness, and roughness removed. Really: It completely changed our tester’s ragged nails after just one treatment, and the ultra-fine 18-karat-gold particles help to brighten cuticles. It’s also quite simple to use, as it should be Massage the gel into your nail beds, then press your cuticles back with the angled cap. Rinse and repeat until you’re ecstatic. Make sure you’re squeezing softly.
    • 🌸Product comes in a Contour of 6.8ml Pack.