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  • Intimate Women EDT Spray by Jean Philippe (108ml)

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    • 🌻Divine Perfume's mission is to provide every human being with the best in quality and original fragrances & aftershaves.
    • 🌻From the House of Jean Philippe, we provide you with the highest quality fragrance, cologne, and aftershave available.
    • 🌻Fragrance in Words Jean Philippe's Intimate Perfume, Intimate, which was introduced in 1955, has long lived up to its name. This light yet energising perfume combines floral woods, oakmoss, and musk to create a charming, earthy accord that will pique the curiosity of friends, coworkers, and romantic interests. Despite its propensity to draw attention, this fragrance is light enough to be worn on a regular basis for any situation.
    • 🌻Product comes in a Contour bottle of 108ml of quantity.