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  • This is Him Shower Gel by Zadig & Voltaire (200ml)

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    • 🌻From the House of Zadig & Voltaire, we provide you with the highest quality fragrance, cologne, and aftershave available.
    • 🌻Fragrance in Words A mild shower gel scented with the distinct Zadig & Voltaire fragrance. Zadig and Voltaire That's Him! Shower Gel - Shower Gel 200 ml already includes the masculine scent of This is Him! in the shower with you The skin is thoroughly cleansed, revitalised, and revitalised. It's a perfume for the elegant gentleman-rocker. The stony aspect in the composition is derived from the peppery freshness of grapefruit at the onset. Zadig & Voltaire's distinctive perfume has a manly core of vanilla and incense with a sandalwood foundation.
    • 🌻Product comes in a Contour pack of 200ml of quantity.